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Assalamu Alakum

I pray that everyone is in the best of health and iman.i pray everyone is
well.Ramadan is fast approaching and it is such a blessed time to give , recieve and remeber those less fortunate then yourselves.
allhumdulillah this is a nice project that
Has been blessed to go on for several years now.
Unfortunately we are having some problems getting donations for some of the
Families. I pray you can help inshaallah.i have listed a few of the items that we are seeking inshaallah please let me know if you could assist and send things or give a donation so these things can be purchased for the families inshaallah.
it has been such a struggle for me to keep this prject going at some times. i have help and support of a few wonderful sisters allhumdulillah but it is never enough mashaallah there is always more that needs to be done and more people who go without. inshaallah we can work together to help to make it easy for some this year.

i can accept the donations by mail. or i can accept them through paypal to

items we are currently in need of

Personal care items. Soaps, shampoos etc.

staple food items lots needed inshaallah

women's over garments


childrens clothing all sizes inshaallah and shoes
school supplies
medical supplies and eyeglasses

mens thobes
shoes for all people inshaallah
medical equipment

mens clothing

house wares

Islamic books and tapes

there are several families that are behind on thier utilities and rent as well.

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sadaqah requests

please inshhaalah if you are in need of help email us for the application and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible inshallah.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: